The Park Pass program is a discounted service program available through Triangle Park Creative. The Park Pass costs $150 per quarter and includes up to three hours of support (a 50% discount). Additional support after three hours is billed at $75/hour (a 25% discount). Billing is done at the end of calendar quarters. There is no carryover of hours from quarter to quarter.

 You may use your Park Pass support hours for anything pertaining to your present site. Think of it as a 50% off coupon for three hours of work! 

Some examples of what the Park Pass covers:

  • “I can’t remember how to get a piece of content to show up on the front page.”
  • “I deleted X and didn’t mean to. Can you get it back?”
  • “Person X is no longer at this organization. I’m the new person; what do I do?”
  • Help to embed code or buttons from third-party sites into your site: Facebook and Twitter widgets, maps, badges. • Minor changes to the look or navigation. 
  • A consultative chat with one of our website strategists about how to make your website better. 

New projects are quoted separately at our $100 rate, but if you have an hour or two left in quarter you are welcome to apply those to the new project. 

Of course, we will not bill you for website issues that we determine are our fault. 

If you are ready to participate in the program, you can start any time. You will be billed a pro-rated amount depending on the point in the quarter when you sign up. Download and fill out the attached form and email it to or fax it to 612.692.8563. If you have any questions, please call Dan Nordley at 612.436.9177.